Tigers is one of the leading digital agencies in Poland. They hosted a digital conference on Balloon, which was the first Balloon event in the Polish language. The conference was largely successful and very well organized.

Organizing a digital event is a completely different experience than offline events - from an organizer and participant point of view. In terms of accessibility, convenience, and engagement - you need to rethink your processes and assets required to build real participation. It’s hard to make it real without appropriate technology; previous editions of Tigers United were built on a clumsy stack with many limitations. Balloon gave us great flexibility and control over setting things up. It was super important for us to emphasize our brand during the whole event and Balloon allowed us to do that. Most importantly, Balloon not only supported our vision but extend it and level up the value proposition we’ve offered for participants. The breakout sessions with our experts brought so much value and joy for participants and mentors as well. We’re pretty sure we will host our next event on Balloon! - Daniel Kotlinski, Marketing Manager at Tigers

The Tigers' team spent a lot of time and effort on designing the graphics, agenda, program, and much more.

The event hosted great talks and panels, and the chat activity was on fire.

The best part about the event was its engagement. A large numbers of 1-on-1 and group meetings took place throughout the event.

The other highly engaging activities were the breakout sessions.

On Balloon you can host all sorts of events: from job fairs, to conferences and corporate summits. What event are you going to host on Balloon? 🎈

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