Los Angeles is the epicenter of innovation. It's the place where dreams become reality. But every day, as entrepreneurs and creatives inspired by the spirit of collaborative growth, we must also be wary of being dismissed or looked down upon by those with more established handles. ThinkLA's Virtual Gaming Breakfast hosted by Anzu: Breaking Stereotypes Panel debunks myths about women in gaming, showcases diverse talent, and promotes social responsibility through game development.

Balloon delivered in a number of ways for our Gaming Breakfast that made this event process seamless.  The networking gave our attendees great ways to connect with new industry peers, our sponsors were able to use a number of ways to engage with attendees, our production partner loved the accessibility and ease of the event backend, and my staff was about to use the platform to create an interactive and effortless experience by ourselves!  This has been a game-changer to elevate our virtual event presence in Los Angeles. - Marcie Booth, Events Director at ThinkLA

Using Balloon as their trusted virtual events platform, the team at ThinkLA delivered a lighthearted but informative set of conversations.

The event had a full schedule including a keynote fireside chat with Ahman Green and Bill Young, a sponsor fireside chat with Anzu and American Eagle, a panel on 'Live and In Demand: Streamers, Influencers, and Creators', and much more.

The attendees at the event enjoyed networking in 1-on-1 and in group's on Balloon's cocktail tables. This really helped create a serendipitous experience at the breakfast event.

Not only are we fans of LA, but we are also fans of gaming. See more of ThinkLA's events on Balloon on their events calendar here.

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