How Hashtag Events hosted a highly interactive virtual business show on Balloon

Hashtag Events hosted their Strathclyde Business Show 2021 on Balloon. A highly interactive virtual event with over 20 exhibitors, 8 workshop sessions, and over 50 cocktail tables were created.

Everyone loved the platform and the event and we used it as a replacement for a regional physical event and it went very smoothly. The platform delivered a really simple and intuitive interface and was a brilliant way to re-engage with our sponsors, exhibitors, and loyal delegates. Our next regional business shows are already booked in with Balloon. - Andrew Charlton, CEO at Hashtag Events

Engagement is everything and we have data to prove it. Cocktail tables were the most demanded networking feature, with an average duration of 16 minutes per session. For 1-on-1 instant networking, there were over 700 matches made.

There were two stages, both streaming from YouTube. 88% of attendees watched the content on the stages.

24 exhibitors hosted live sessions to promote their brands and interact with attendees through the chat and their live sessions. Exhibitors have the ability to capture leads through attendees registering their interest at their booth.

On Balloon you can host all sorts of events: from job fairs, to conferences and corporate summits. What event are you going to host on Balloon? 🎈

Let us know if you have any questions, we're here to help!