Here are the basics for a professional streaming setup

  1. Light: Light is the most important aspect of looking good on Camera. If you are streaming during daytime, make sure to setup somewhere with great natural sunlight. Make sure that your back is not to the sunlight or window (even if the view looks great). You (not the camera) should be facing the sunlight. In case you don't have natural sunlight, then you need to make sure you are in a well lit environment. You can invest in small affordable and easy to operate camera LED light or add as much side lamps and lighting to your room.
  2. Audio: The easiest way to get reliable audio is to use a bluetooth earphone such as the Apple Airpods. However if you want to look and sound crisp like a pro, there are also many affordable lapel mics on Amazon that you could invest in. Ideally, you should find a lapel mic with an ear piece so that you could hear and talk to the speaker.
  3. Video: First, make sure that whatever camera you are using is at your eye level. If you are using your laptop's webcam, you can add books to bring the laptop to your eye level. This way no one will see your double chins. If you want to up your video quality game, you can invest in one of an HD webcam similar to the Logitech HD Pro Webcam.
  4. Streaming: You will need a fast and reliable internet and always have a backup plan (whether it's your hotspot of a separate internet connection). If you are able to use a hand-wired internet line, then that's the safest bet.

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