Tech Jobs Fair hosted an outstanding virtual jobs fair on Balloon 🙌

  • Thousands of attendees
  • Hundreds of meetings and networking sessions between recruiters and candidates
  • Hours of great content
  • Tens of participating companies
  • Many countries represented

The main stage hosted fantastic talks and discussions

Talks, presentations, and panel discussions filled up hours of great live content on Balloon using Balloon studio and backstage.

Virtual events stage - Balloon

We saw high engagement on 1-on-1 networking and cocktail tables 🤝

Hundreds of cocktail tables were created with an average duration of 8 minutes per session. Candidates also matched with recruiters by category in the 1-on-1 networking.

Virtual Event Networking

Many great companies exhibited and met with candidates

Exhibitors hosted live sessions, video content, and brochures in their virtual booths. On average, each exhibitor received 50+ leads that expressed interest. This led to generating great ROI for the participating companies.

Virtual Exhibitors

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